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3 Ways to be Heard Over the Noise

The Internet is a gigantic phone book where we seek services, products, people, information, research and just about anything we desire. Like the ads in those thick, heavy phone books we used to keep next to our corded phones, the business with the biggest and most compelling message stands out above the rest.

Unlike phone books, the Internet is global. You aren’t searching for information only in your local area. You can find what you need worldwide from your mobile device.

The Internet is noisy. It’s packed with businesses similar to yours. Many online businesses sit there without movement and people go right past them without noticing they exist. Some are stand outs, bringing in new interest and sparking conversations.

How do you stand out online compared to your competition?

Online Presence

You must be online with a strong presence if you are running a business. Being online is more than having a Facebook page or an out-of-date website. An online presence is what makes it easy for clients to find you. Building your online presence is important–It is your business card. It covers your reputation, your brand and your credibility.

Your endgame is getting noticed and standing out. You want people to find you, see you and know you. Your online presence has to be nurtured with consistent and regular posts.

If you like your position on the Internet, read no further. Your work is done. If you want to see more movement, more involvement, more interaction and more engagement, then there is work to do.

Do these 3 things now to increase your visibility online:

  1. Address the problem your ideal client wants fixed.
  2. Provide actionable information and hacks that provide your clients value.
  3. Post regularly and consistently.

What are the issues that keep your clients up at night? Provide solutions to these problems before the client even has to ask.

Actionable information is info provided in small, digestible chunks that your client can implement immediately. Hacks provide your client with shortcuts to save time while increasing visibility. The point is to make your online presence grow quickly and easily. Provide your clients the same opportunity and they will stay with you.

Discipline is a business necessity. You want to be posting consistently so clients stay tuned in.

What are the Results?

If you do these three things, you will see a return on your time. People will get to know you and start expecting great information from you. People will want to work with you which results in business growth.

Bring your questions to me at I will help you build your online presence in a way that is easy and fun. You’ll gain more clients, make more money, and stand out on through the noise of the Internet.

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