What is an Online Presence?

It is your Reputation, your Brand and your Credibility as a human and business owner.

Your reputation, brand and credibility are seen by people who may not know you. Your presence must be easy to find, positive and tells others who you are and what you do.

People make assumptions about another within a few seconds of meeting face to face. They look at body language, style, voice, hair color or shoes.

Online, however, outside traits are not visible so an assessment is made based on content.

A strong online presence establishes your credibility so make sure your brand speaks to how you help others. It’s how others determine your value.

Marketing has changed drastically in the last decade. It’s about being a personality online. People want to see, hear and connect with you so be easy to find.

The more online presence you have the easier it is to gain clients. The more clients you have the greater your web presence becomes.

People look for everything on the Internet. If you can’t be found within the first couple lines in a search, it’s as if you don’t exist. People are not going to hunt for you. You have to pop up early and catch their attention, then cultivate a relationship.

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